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BlueSoleil Gamii  

Motion Sensing Experience On PC Games

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Manufacturer:IVT Corporation

Product Version:BlueSoleil Gamii

Software Type:BlueSoleil Plug-ins
Fee Type:    Paid-for Software
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BlueSoleil Gamii plug-in integrates the most intuitive interface, with highly reliable capabilities and excellent interactivity to enhance the usage of your Wiimote controller. The plug-in is based on BlueSoleil  10 serial  versions.

The latest version has solved this problem that when BlueSoleil connects with Gamii, it cannot connect with other equipments.

  • Motion sensing experience on PC games!
    Now, with BlueSoleil Gamii plug-in, Wii gamers need not to envy those PS3 players who can wirelessly play PC games anymore! The best part is the plug-in migrates the original Wii motion sensing experience to PC games. Need for Speed? Simply rotate the Wiimote horizontally like how you would on a Wii console. BlueSoleil Gamii makes all this feasible.
  • Wireless Media Controller
    If you ever feel tired when playing, just close your eyes and turn to your favorite songs using your Wiimote. That's right! BlueSoleil Gamii is not only a Wiimote driver; it also provides remote controller functions for Windows Media Player. Other simple Windows operations are also supported like PowerPoint controlling.
  • Stylish Game Management
    Have you ever had trouble searching for a game amongst all the games in your computer? Now with BlueSoleil, you can have easy access to your gaming library. Do not waste time finding games, just quickly enter your game with BlueSoleil Gamii.
  • Multiple function expansion
    BlueSoleil Gamii provides multiple function expansions for you to enjoy the full wireless freedom for all your favorite PC games without the hassle of any wires tethering your hands together.
    Infrared Laser Supported -- Precision control and authentic feeling.
    Wii Nunchuk Supported -- More options for specific types of games and adds more fun.
    Steering wheel function Supported-- More lifelike racing game-play and adjustable steering sensitivity.

Notice: BlueSoleil 10 serial version is prerequisite to be installed in advance since all BlueSoleil plug-ins are based on this version of BlueSoleil. Please make sure you are using an authorized BlueSoleil 10. Please download the latest BlueSoleil version here.

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 platforms are supported by BlueSoleil Gamii.

BlueSoleil Gamii is being maintained by BlueSoleil development team. Further functional updates and subsequent version releases are scheduled. Also, it is welcomed to comment on bugs and other ways BlueSoleil Gamii can improve.

We strongly recommend that you could experience Need For Speed (NFS) and Kung Fu Panda Game. What's more, Simulator games are also worth trying. BlueSoleil Gamii could support all the Keyboard games, with other games coming soon.

If you are interested in our product, please contact sales team: sales@bluesoleil.com



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