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BlueSoleil 9.2.498.0  

Professional Windows-based Bluetooth application, fulfilling all demands of an integrated wirelessly-accessed wide variety of Bluetooth devices.Free upgrade to BlueSoleil 9 for BlueSoleil 5 and BlueSoleil 7 Serial Number owners!

Unit Price:US$20.99

Manufacturer:IVT Corporation

Product Version:BlueSoleil 9.2.498.0

Software Type:Bluetooth Applications
Fee Type:    Paid-for Software
Stock: sufficient

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About free upgrade: BlueSoleil 5 and BlueSoleil 7  SN owners have free access to this version. Just download and install the software accordingly.

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Note:  BlueSoleil 10 trial period is 30 days,so you can use it for 30 days without paying for the serial number .Once buy we will send the serial number to your email ,so you can use this serial number to active BlueSoleil 10 .And one serial number can active one computer ,so if you want to change computer ,you need tell us ,we will help you .Make sure the version is the correct one and downloaded from us official website .

You can download the latest version and install it , if you haven't bought a serial number ,the version you use is  a trial version ,it  may disconnect every few minutes ,and it may pop-up boxes  stating that only an evaluation of 2MB is available.Try to connect your bluetooth deviece in this mode , if it can work well with your computer ,you can buy a serial number to active BlueSoleil software.  More informations about BlueSoleil .

About BlueSoleil :

BlueSoleil is developed by IVT Corporation who since 1999 has been continually serving the Bluetooth community. Being user-friendly, innovative and interoperable, BlueSoleil has grown as one of the most popular Bluetooth PC software in the industry with over 100million copies sold since 2009.

BlueSoleil allows your Bluetooth enabled computer to wirelessly integrate a multitude of Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, stereo headsets, keyboards and mouse devices all in one screen. In addition BlueSoleil Windows supports 24 different Bluetooth functions, and supports 17 different languages.

BlueSoleil 9 based on BlueSoleil 8's features takes advantage of Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology and is Windows 8/8.1 /10  compatible, having improved functions and optimized performance.

What can BlueSoleil 9 do for you?

·         Transfer files to and from your mobile phone;
·         Call your contacts though Skype using a Bluetooth headset;
·         Wirelessly access the Internet anywhere and anytime, even while on the move;
·         Listen to music stored on your computer using a Bluetooth wireless headset (within range);
·         Transfer pictures from your Bluetooth digital camera to your computer wirelessly and without all the hassles of having to make a cable connection;
·         Print a file using a Bluetooth printer (within range) without any cable connection;
·         Use a Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse device with your computer;
·         Exchange or synchronize personal information, name cards, etc. with other Bluetooth enable devices, such as laptops, PDAs or mobile phones;
·         Support Windows multi-user;
          Supporting Bluetooth 4.0
BlueSoleil 9 works flawlessly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1、Windows 10  platforms.
If you are interested in our product, please contact sales team: sales@bluesoleil.com



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  2. BlueSoleil 5 and BlueSoleil 7 SN owners have FREE access to the latest version.
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