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How to download BlueSoleil 9 /10 and activate the software

2014/11/27 2:50:14     Source: BlueSoleil     Views:87019     Comments:0


一、Download  BlueSoleil 9 /10

BlueSoleil 9 :    Download

BlueSoleil 10   Download

After downloaded ,you need to unzip the pakage ,then click   .exe  to install BlueSoleil .You know our software is not free ,so you need buy a serial number to active it  if your dongle is not bought from this website .

二、Activate the software

When Start BlueSoleil, there will be a warning box saying that BlueSoleil is running in evaluation mode.



The inactivated software copy will run in data limitation, so please activate your BlueSoleil first before starting the program.
IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have an internet connection before activating.


BlueSoleil Activation Steps:

1.   Select 'Activate BlueSoleil' in the 'Bluetooth' menu.

a) In the Explorer interface:

b) In Classic View:

2.    Input the serial number in the pop-up box, and then click the 'Activate'

3.    BlueSoleil will be activated over the Internet. A tip will inform you when the activated process is completed.

(Credit: BlueSoleil)

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