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BlueSoleil software does not support the apple mouse wheel

2014/8/28 0:58:47     Source: IVT     Views:10024     Comments:0

Summary:BlueSoleil software does not support the apple mouse wheel;the mouse wheel cannot be used after installing BlueSoleil software;connect apple mouse with BlueSoleil

When you use BlueSoleil, after connecting your Apple Bluetooth mouse successfully with BlueSoleil,the mouse wheel function is failure. The reason is the rolling is based on the technology of Multi - touch of the mouse which is not a standard HID technology; the function only can be supported on system of Mac OS or particular version.

If you want to use the scroll wheel on windows platform

Please refer to this link:  http://mouse.zol.com.cn/339/3398703.html . From the description of Based on the description, Apple company f provides the mouse driver on windows platform and supports multi-point slide, but it needs two conditions.

1. It must be the windows operation system which is installed in MAC via boot camp. (Which means it must be the windows operation installed in apple computer)

2. An individual driver “Bluetooth Update 1.0 for Windows “should be installed which cannot be found in apple official website currently. Please refer to the link: https://www.apple.com/cn/support/bluetooth/


Now the Bluetooth connection problems which given by apple company all need to update boot camp.

Please download from the link:http://www.techarena.in/download/firmware/bluetooth-update-windows.htm

The driver cannot be installed in ordinary computer.

We can see that is the update for Firmware from the description.

1. So we can confirm that the apple mouse wheel function cannot be used in normal computer.

2. And can be used in boot camp. But we cannot make sure whether it can be used after installing BlueSoleil.

(Credit: qingqing)

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