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Access to in ternet via PAN

2014/7/17 22:13:21     Source: IVT     Views:14733     Comments:0

Summary:Access to in ternet via, PAN,Internet, Personal Area Network,PAN,

How to access to the Internet with Bluetooth Personal Area Network

1.  First, a computer cannot access Internet, start BlueSoleil, and search for devices.

          (NOTE: The PC will need to install BlueSoleil driver. In addition there are no         limit search devices and PC can search each other)

2.After search out the device, search your PC services, connect a Bluetooth Personal Area Network.

3.Select both PC can access the Internet of Bluetooth personal area network (Bluetooth PAN Network Adapter) and the physical network card, right-click on the bridge

4. After a successful bridge, view bridge details (right-click the bridge, and select status)

5. The PC cannot access Internet ip settings, except for the ip address last byte; other information must be consistent with the bridge. Need to set the IP address is: Bluetooth PAN Network Adapter card. Right-click and select Properties -> Use the following IP address. (Note: The red marker section)

6.Then you can access the Internet

(Credit: qingqing)

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