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FAQ Summary of cPhone--Bluetooth part

2014/6/22 18:36:04     Source: BlueSoleil     Views:8139     Comments:0

Summary:FAQ Summary of cPhone--Bluetooth part

cPhone connection problem

1.      cannot search out device


1)       Open the device Bluetooth switch which can be discovered

2)       Close cPhone,click the icon in low right corner of BlueSoleil software—close Bluetooth—open Bluetooth, then try again

3)       Delete part of devices from BlueSoleil interface then try again


2.      cannot connect device


1)       Restart related devices

2)       if it has paired already but cannot connect, please delete the device from BlueSoleil software then re-connect it

3)       Change the device type to headphones from the setting of BlueSoleil software

4)       Reseated adapters, repeat the above operation


3.       Bluetooth voice gateway connection failed


1)       If the Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner is green which indicates that the connection already exists, you need to disconnect then operate it again from BlueSoleil interface

2)       If the device cannot connect, please remove it then try again

3)       Search it from your phone to connect the PC


4.      Bluetooth audio management

1)       The high-quality audio cannot be connected in some of PC, at this time you need to set the PC to Bluetooth headset mode then search and connect from phone side

2)       After connecting high-quality audio to listen to music with noise (there is music but the lyrics blur cannot be heard), open the control panel-sound-select the default sound card-properties-level-balance-the front left/right (any one to be set to 0)


5.      Bluetooth auto lock

Before using it, please make sure Bluetooth auto lock has been enabled from the top right menu of cPhone, if the lock is automatically invalid, please check the registry : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Providers\{BE423CF8-7C59-4179-B70C-88901B6EC506}

Whether it is exists, if not, please re-install cPhone and try again


6.      Bluetooth contacts/SMS/file transfer related functions which depends on the phone model


(Credit: BlueSoleil--Jun)

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