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Startup problems of cPhone

2014/6/22 18:31:23     Source: BlueSoleil     Views:9753     Comments:0

Summary:Startup problems of cPhone

After installing cPhone, click cPhone icon without response

Solution: please check the process manager cPhonesdkcs.exe exists or not, if not, it is cPhonesdkcs service is not registered successfully which need to be registered again:

Open a command prompt with administrator privileges - cd cPhone installation directory -. CPhonesdkcs exe-service


An error occurred while cPhone is started

Solution: uninstalling cPhone, make sure you have uninstall it completely and remove the installation directory.

Before installing cPhone please make sure you have uninstalled it completely, and there is no residue in the installation directory then install again.

(Credit: BlueSoleil--Jun)

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