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How to query Bluetooth hardware PID/VID and identify Bluetooth by BlueSoleil

2014/5/8 0:41:08     Source: BlueSoleil     Views:16026     Comments:0

Summary:How to query Bluetooth hardware PID/VID and identify Bluetooth by BlueSoleil

There are hardware PID and VID in BlueSoleil software to identify the Bluetooth hardware, if the Bluetooth adapter ID is not in BlueSoleil Bluetooth driver identification library, it will not be able to identify the corresponding hardware, it needs the adapter ID corresponding to BlueSoleil Bluetooth driver hardware base, and then get to Microsoft signature officially released. So we collect the corresponding hardware ID which is compatible with next version upgraded.

1.    Bluetooth hardware, ID query system ( PID/VID)

Query mode, taking XP for example:

1, right-click My Computer > Device Manager / Management (equipment manager) > click the Bluetooth icon - > properties - > details - > Hardware ID

2.    find out C\Program Files\IVT Corporation\BlueSoleil\driver\usb\btcusb.infopen the text book then query

3.    If there’s the ID, it means BlueSoleil is supported, and can be launched. Otherwise is not supported.

4.    If the software ID is not supported, please send the software PID/VID to us service@1000moons.com.


If the confirmation supports hardware IDBlueSoleil Bluetooth software still cannot start successfully, you will need to manually update the driver.

A.     Windows 7/8

1).Right click on the computer, select the management / device manager, select Bluetooth driver

2). Right click Update Driver



5If have any BlueSoleil driver, according to the selected, click next to complete update, the following figure:

6)Click Have Disk, browse and select the C:\Program Files\IVTCorporation\BlueSoleil\driver\usb\btcusb.inf(32bit)/C:\Program Files(x86)\IVTCorporation\BlueSoleil\driver\usb\btcusb.inf(64bit),click OK (this is the default installation path of BlueSoleil, if you changed your directory please modify to the new directory)



7) The next step will be updated to BlueSoleil then it will be started.

(Credit: BlueSoleil_Gong)

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