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Solutions for murmur or mute icon result from BlueSoleil connect with Bluetooth headset

2014/4/29 23:17:58     Source: BlueSoleil     Views:10942     Comments:0

Summary:BlueSoleil Bluetooth

     Considering with some users feedback that mute icon might occur while BlueSoleil connect with Bluetooth headset, our technical experts present several solving ways with pictures. If this do help, please support BlueSoleil team, and we will present more guiding articles with your suggestions to simplify the use of Bluetooth.

    There are several solutions for mute occur after BlueSoleil connecting with Bluetooth headset’s Hands-Free service successfully. As follows: 

If mute icon occurs, it means SCO’s failed to be established, and you should re-connect SCO link. Solutions:

Facing up with problems that Silences occur or sound quality is not good while connecting with Bluetooth headset mono service, you could try to handle with the following instructions:

1. Find bscs.ini file(if your OS is 32-bit systems:C:\ WINDOWS\system32\bscs.ini, if your OS is 64-bit system: C:\ WINDOWS\syswow64 \ bscs.ini)

2. Add MakeSCOByDefault=0 configuration under [BsConfig] section, which is in bscs.ini.

3.The default value of MakeSCOByDefault is 1, when it is 0, it will use some specific parameters to establish the SCO link.

4. After adding this configuration you need to restart the Bluetooth (re-plug Bluetooth adapter or right-click the Bluetooth icon and select Turn off Bluetooth, then Turn on Bluetooth)

Note: If the version you installed is after BluSoleil 10.0.464.0(or 9.2.464.0) , please refer to the following settings:

MakeSCOByDefault can be configured into the following value:

MakeSCOByDefault = 0/1/3

       These values are different parameters for establishing the voice link. Please check whether the effect of the change has been improved and choose the best quality settings. After changing the configuration you should restart the Bluetooth.

(Credit: BlueSoleil_Qi)

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