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Gary Gibson
Level: 1
Rate: updated at 2011-11-13 04:26:08

Erm... bought dongle at Tesco in UK for about £10. Software on a cd in the box which installed without incident (ver Connected dongle to Apple keyboard (win 7 PC) and it works great. Was checking to see if there was a software update and seen all these negative comments and thought I would try and redress the balance a little. My advice, buy from a shop... you can always take it back!

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Peter Pan 7 replied at 2011-11-13 04:26:08

Hi, not sure you exactly got the same product as this one. I mean it could be a bundle of hardware and software. Here they're talking about the hardware only, not the software. I have to admit that it is really confusing: as you read item description, you can understand the dongle is packed with a bunch of software. But not, according to other users comments.

Cheers from France

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