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[ How Does HDR Audio Come to Rocket League ]

Recently, a team of voice designer Stephen Likota, technical voice designer Miles Flanagan and audio director Mike Alter has been trying to bring HDR audio into Rocket League, in order to create a more real and better experience. Actually, the Rocket League matches and cars are always trying to get closer to the real life of players, like the Rocket League car designs, you can use a host of different Rocket League items to decorate your car like the reality, goldkk.com updates a full range of designs with details, you can take a look if you are interested in that. 

Then how does  HDR Audio come to Rocket League? In today's 4K screen world, the word "HDR" is usually reserved for vivid images on television, but it is also part of the audio world. HDR audio may share the name of HDR imaging, but it is a completely different concept. Although you need an HDR TV to enjoy HDR programming, HDR audio does not require any additional hardware and is specifically designed for video games. It enhances the mixing effect of audio so that players can hear important sounds more clearly at this time. This is the easiest way to describe the sound system, but it's not easy.

Usually, you have a volume controller that you can adjust to make some sound effects larger than others. In HDR audio, it doesn't work that way. It won't make the sound louder. Instead, it makes other sounds quieter, so focus on specific sounds. This is the essence of upgrading the Rocket Alliance to HDR audio. So when you hear other cars, you hear better location information, like where the ball is. Additional sound effects, such as crowd and atmosphere, are moving away from the road. All this gives you a clearer sense of the game.

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