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IVT BlueSoleil i40e  

BlueSoleil i40e,Class 2,Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR(Enhanced Data Rates)module.

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Manufacturer:IVT Corporation


Product Type:Bluetooth Modules

Place Of Origin:China


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I40e is a highly integrated and sophisticated Bluetooth module, containing all the necessary elements from Bluetooth radio to antenna and a fully implemented protocol stack.Therefore i40e provides an ideal solution for developers who want to integrate Bluetooth wireless technology into their design.

By default i40e module is equipped with powerful and easy-to-use BlueSoleil firmware. BlueSoleil enables users to access Bluetooth functionality with simple ASCII commands delivered to the module over serial interface - it's just like a Bluetooth modem.
Key Features:
Ø Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR compliant
Ø System-On-Chip, Bluetooth stack runs fully inside the module
Ø BQB(Bluetooth Qualification Body), KCC, TELEC
Ø Suport both Master and Slave roles
Ø Integrated BlueSoleil Firmware
Ø Excellent Power consumption
Ø Continuous interoperability test and IOT report is provided
Hardware Features:
Ø Size: 27mm(L)x13mm(W)x2.2mm(H)
Ø 8Mbits flash memory
Ø Antenna integrated
Ø Operating temperature from -40°C to+85°C
Ø 802.11 co-existence
Ø RoHS compliant
Ø Game
Ø Smart Home 
Ø To download IVT Bluetooth classic 2.1 module i40e's documentations, PC utility tools, test reports, and certifications , please login IVT Support Center or create an account to access IVT Support Center. 
We also offer IVT i40e development kit i40e-dk. To purchase i40e-dk, please visit our e-commerce website: IVT i40e Development Kits.
Please contact us at embedded@ivtcorporation.com for any queries.


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