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Plotting the Future

2017/4/17 10:47:05     Source: SIG     Views:503     Comments:0


At CES, it’s always fun to see the huge variety of products dreamed up by forward-thinking inventors whose imaginations know no bounds. Knowing this limitless creative spirit is possible in part because of Bluetooth—well, that’s a good feeling, too.

Plott is translating the freedom of the IoT to devices that simplify complicated tasks. Their Cubit and Miletus devices combine smart measurement and calculation with Bluetooth connectivity and display so users can visualize changes they want to make to their physical environment. For example, from building a deck to hanging evenly-spaced pictures on a wall, Plott’s tools help you measure, plan, and execute your design perfectly.

This year, Cubit won a CES Best of Innovation award, and Miletus was an Innovation Award Honoree. David Xing, Plott’s founder and CEO, explains why his team chose Bluetooth to transmit data back and forth between the tools and the user’s smartphone. Check out his discussion of how Plott is working to be a creative partner to weekend warriors, DIYers, and more. 

(Credit: Daniel Kleiner)

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