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Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards—Student Finalists

2017/1/9 14:30:21     Source: SIG     Views:1091     Comments:0

Summary:Student Finalists

This new category is really exciting. We asked for submissions from individuals actively enrolled in high school, college, or post-graduate school. Congratulations to the Bluetooth Breakthrough Award finalists.

Cate Keithline, 13, PianoPedal—While at church, Cate watched two people sit at the piano during service. One would play and one would turn the music sheets—she now understood why pianos have benches and not seats. Because of her love of technology, she thought using a tablet would be a great solution but how would people turn the music? Cate created a small, portable foot pedal that runs the sheet music on your tablet and changes it to the next page.


Shiva Nathan, 15, Arduino based Bluetooth Transhumeral Prosthesis—Shiva began the project originally as a video game. When tragedy struck a family member, Shiva’s priorities changed. Using an EEG headset and Bluetooth Smart, he developed a low cost, brain control interface (BCI) transhumeral prosthetic that can be fitted onto amputees’ hands.


Temeka Gongs, 20, Kool-Fridge—Temeka wanted to develop a concept that helped friends and family while using Bluetooth Smart technology. She noticed her friends were throwing away so much food either because it was spoiled or they didn’t want to taste it to find out. So Temeka developed a Bluetooth Smart sensor device that snaps onto storage container lids to monitor the chemicals released from foods to ensure food is still edible.


Savannah Cofer, 15, Bicycle SuperVision—appcessory solution enabling bicyclists to have 360° awareness of his or her surroundings. Savannah developed the concept after her brother suffered a traumatic eye injury and could no longer safely ride a bike to school. This inspired her to develop a way for people with peripheral vision problems to detect oncoming cars.


Betty Quinn, 22, Spectrum—after working with people suffering from mental illness, Quinn theorized there had to be a better way to track triggers and so Spectrum was born. Spectrum is a wearable wristband that tracks pulse and perspiration then sends the data using Bluetooth Smart to a phone so doctors, and even the patient, can gain more knowledge about their illness.

(Credit: Nanci Taplett)

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