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How to use the apple Bluetooth keyboard with BlueSoleil software

2014/8/28 1:49:37     Source: IVT     Views:9470     Comments:0

Summary:how to use the apple Bluetooth keyboard with BlueSoleil software;how to connect the keyboard

Let’s talk about Apple Keyboard problems firstly:

1. The device can be found very hard. Once turn on the switch, keyboard might back connect the last device. There is not one key which can delete the history device and change it to the discoverable status on the keyboard.

2 Test Microsoft, IOS, Android and other devices and platforms which have the same results, and it is difficult to connect the device.

3 The device does not support back connection, you only can establish a connection actively. (BlueSoleil has been verified, MS has not verified, other platforms have not been verified since the devices cannot be added)


The problem of apple keyboard cannot be solved with BlueSoleil currently from the analysis results.  

The connection methods from BlueSoleil currently:  

1 First, the local security mode is set to 3.

2 Power on and off the keyboard's power switch constantly, until the device enters into the status can be found, and then find services and connect it quickly.

3 Once connection is successful which will be used normally wait a while.

4 The users can not unplug the device just need to keep connection.

5 Once restart or shut down / restart Bluetooth, then connection will be much harder. Users need to close /open Bluetooth keyboard many times then maybe can connect successfully.

(Credit: qingqing)

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