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FAQ Summary of cPhone--Android/Mobile part

2014/6/22 18:43:05     Source: BlueSoleil     Views:6595     Comments:0

Summary:FAQ Summary of cPhone--Android/Mobile part

1.      Issues are known in android currently

(1)      It is not easy to search out the device with wifi ap connection, it has encountered the connection fails with ad-hoc connection, blocked situation has been appeared during connection phone with USB

Connection considerations:

USB connection:

1)       Check the USB port is good or not, whether the cPhone can display the corresponding serial number

2)       Uninstalling the cPhone from mobile phone then reconnect

3)       If the connection is blocked, you need to end cphonesdkcs.exe from the process manager

4)       You need to pay attention to the antivirus software on the server to intercept cPhone

The testing models are limited, there may be some phones cannot connect which need to collect the corresponding phone drivers

1)       Make sure the phone and PC are in the same LAN and the wifi switch is turned

2)       The


(2)      Application management: select one application, sometime which it is not the highlight state, uninstall one certain application, the application list is not updated


(3)      Image management: the case of refreshing all the time has appeared when refresh image.

Transfer date between Phone and PC may be blocked which also may be related to the phone model

(4)      Supertooth function: ad-hoccanot transfer files



(Credit: BlueSoleil--Jun)

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