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[ 4060mm Professional Multi Function x-pro clamp ]

4060mm Professional Multi Function x-pro clamp

High quality aluminum material of x-pro clamp:

1.)Visual : Apperance and color should be consistent in brightness and beautiful , mechanical pattern are distributing evenly and without any graphite black lines , with a high brightness and metalic luster.

2.)Hand Feels : The body of tube are smooth and no burr.

3.)Chemical Properties : The high quality aluminum supplier has configured the high- end devices of melting furnace , on-line degassing machine and tubular filter to make sure that aluminum alloy can meet the requirement of ROHS , which can be corrosion resistance , electrolytic corrosion resistance .

4.)Mechanical Properties : The high quality aluminum supplier ha configured several Tension tesing machines to make sure each aluminum tube can meet the EN Standard and have fatigue resistance .

5.) Craft : Plane gap , curvature and twising are performed by high precision .

The tripod x-pro clamp series is generally divided into light aluminum frames, which are often used in some indoor ceilings, fixed installations and background frames. Since the port is a welded triangle, it has the advantage of stable and non-deformation. In the connection method, there are also two types of screws and poor wavelets.



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