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Posted at 2019-10-01 06:07:13
[ VR : Learning System ]

But for a comfortable stay of the client in virtual reality, you need to create the right conditions. Not everyone has experience using VR glasses, which means they need to be prepared for a future trip. For this, a special space is created in the projects where the user enters as soon as he wears glasses ( how to create vr content - https://itechcraft.com/create-vr-content/ ). It's not overloaded with any details and created in order to give a person some time to master in a virtual environment.
Here, he is explained, for example, using a virtual narrator, how he can move in this space, how to take objects with the help of controllers in his hands or open doors and so on. After it is mastered, the client teleports to the interior of the virtual apartment.


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