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Posted at 2012-02-15 07:32:41
[ Apple Magic Mouse (advice before buying BS v8.0) ]

I love the software. I have been testing it before aquiring and has been working mostly fine, I can connect and manage most of my bluetooth devices (thing i am not able with the original drivers).

However my apple magic mouse, althoug working, loose the scrolling funcionallity (an all touch gestures) only points and left-right click. Of note this particular device works properly with the microsoft bluetooth stack.

Any perspective of seeing it fixed before buying?

Are you planing to support the latest macbook air hardware for bootcamp users (ID=USB\VID05AC&PID_821F from broadcom # BCM20702) ?



Marcelo, The Netherlands


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Posted at 2013-05-25 11:19:55

Yep, this is a problem they need to fix.

The problem is, when you use the magic mouse -- it requires an Apple filter driver to provide the scrolling functionality.  The way the Blue soleil bluteooth stack is designed, it PREVENTS this filter driver from being loaded.  You can't even force load it!  It passes ANY BT mouse and keyboard to Windows all as generic human interface devices.  Blue Soleil, please fix this problem!! 

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