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[ Various features of Google flights search for cheap airlines ]

Google flights are famous for Finding cheap tickets. No matter what is the date, how far it is in the future, it will find you a low airfare ticket. However, there are features in google flights, which gives you added advantage in Your trip. For example, if you are looking for a good hotel, then it has the option as well. So, we are going to tell you about some of the features of Google flights, which can help you to save some money while traveling.  

Hotel options in Google flights?

Now, you can search for cheap flights here; however, if you aim to save money in hotel Booking as well. You can try booking hotels via Google flights. Just Open the menu, you will see the option. Click on it. Choose the location, then Dates and in the last the number of people.  There are few things which make it unique from other hotel booking websites. 

There are multiple features you can use to find yourself an ideal hotel. If there is a deal going on a particular hotel, it will show in green on the hotel name.  There are Vacation rentals, Guest rating, Amenities, Brands, and the hotel class.  Then there are sort out options.  They are the Best match, lowest price and highest rating. 

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