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[ Where to Buy Enzalutamide Online from India ]

buy enzalutamide, generic Xtandi - a drug that is prescribed to men diagnosed with a metastatic tumor of the prostate in a severe stage. The main active ingredient in Bdenza is enzalutamide, a substance that is a potent androgen receptor inhibitor. It acts on cancer cells to inhibit their growth. The recommended daily dose of Bdenza is 160 mg (four 40 mg capsules) once a day. The capsules should be swallowed whole with water and can be taken with or without food. Medical castration using an LHRH analog should be continued during treatment in patients who have not undergone surgical castration. If the patient misses taking Bdenza at the usual time, the prescribed dose should be taken as close to the usual time as possible. If the patient misses taking the drug for a whole day, xtandi cost in Mexico treatment should be resumed the next day with the usual daily dose. If a patient develops toxicity of grade 3 or higher or dangerous adverse reactions, the drug should be discontinued for one week or until symptoms decrease to grade 2 or below, bdenza price in india ## enzamide 40 mg tablet and then, if justified, resumed taking at the same or reduced dosage (120 or 80 mg).


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