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Posted at 2017-07-27 11:49:07
[ Bluetooth USB Adapter Parani Sena UD100 Licence ]

I am the owner of this product: http://www.senanetworks.com/ud100-g03.html

In the documentation they clearly say that this product is licensed for use with Bluesoleil up to version 9.x
In the support page also:


Unfortunately when I install BlueSoleil software and use this dongle it ask me that I'm in the trial period and only have 2Mb of possible data transfer.

Do you know how to remove this limitation ?
Thank you very much


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Posted at 2018-02-18 00:17:21

I have the same issue.

Mine had a cd with version 9.2.464 on it. I wanted to upgrade to never version.

I got it working (version 9.2.497.0), but the latency is horrible at times!

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